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Pool Night April -... 19 April 2021 - 17 May 2021

19 April 2021

First Trio

Anna Kalatcheva, J.Y Lee, Jim Langabeer

Second Trio

him, John Radford, Chris Wratt !

03 May 2021

First Trio

Paul Smith, Oskar Simmons Carlsson, ivan mršić !

Second Trio

Andrew McLeod, Wade ! , Chris Mason-Battley !

10 May 2021

First Trio

Paul Buckton, Darryn Harkness, Christian Bläsche !

Second Trio

Trudy Lile, Jean Rémy, Leonard McMullen

17 May 2021

First Trio

Wade Cornell, Joel Vinsen, James Scott-Nicholson !

Second Trio

Jess Quaid , Shannon McIntyre  ! , colin Woods !

Regular Pool Drawn Trios/Workshops

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Wine Cellar LocationPool Night: 8pm Every Monday
Workshop: 7:30pm Usually the first tuesday of the month
Where: The Wine Cellar, St Kevin's Arcade (down the steps), Karangahape Road

The Wine Cellar is generally a hotspot for alternative music and art.