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Tony Buck (drums) and Magda Mayas (piano) (Berlin)
17 Feb 2011

Tony Buck is one of Australia's most adventurous drummers. Well known worldwide for his involvement in a range of musical ventures, he is most likely to be recognised as a founding member of renowned jazz trio The Necks, along with Chris Abrahams and Lloyd Swanton. Tony also gained recognition during time he spent in Japan in the 1990s by joining forces with Otomo Yoshihide and Kato Hideki to form industrial band PERIL. Tony Buck has played and recorded with many prominent musicians in the course of his career including John Zorn, Branford Marsalis, Ernie Watts, Jon Rose, The Exiles, Peter Brötzman, Richie Cole, Clifford Jordan and Hans Reichel.

From the time she studied jazz and improvisation, Magda Mayas has looked to the internal and external physicality of the piano as a means to musically investigate the instrument as a whole. Mayas colours her palette of possibilities at times through the use of preparation, objects and amplification. In the varied roles of interpreter, solo performer and collaborator, Mayas has toured internationally. She has performed with many leading figures in improvisation along the way including John Butcher, Peter Evans, Annette Krebs, Andrea Neumann, Axel Dörner, Johannes Bauer, Christoph Kurzmann, Thomas Lehn and Tristan Honsinger and Clayton Thomas.

from the very first sounds they made and all the way to the final tones of the
encore, these two were in perfect balance throughout. Tightly intertwined at
the level of both the sonic material they pursued and the rhythmic pointillism
with which they went about their journey, they stunned me into wide-eyed,
open-mouthed attention.
Konfrontationen 2007

there is no attempt here to emulate the iconic piano and drum duos of the past, Coltrane and Ali, Taylor and Roach. Mayas and
Buck create their own intimate languages and in the process deliver something very special and exactly the right length.