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Bingodisiac Orchestra
17 Apr 2011

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Bingodisiac: [Bin-go -diz-ee-ak]—adjective, noun 1: transcendental state of mind induced by exposure to random numbers, often suffered in bingo halls 2: The deity form of Nana Shamanic: a nineteenth century irrationalist mystic of the cult of the dead light-bulb. 3: 20 piece ‘free’ improvisation orchestra controlled by numbers and light-bulb signal devices perform an Alchemical Pilgrimage (2011) in three spaces.

The Bingodisiac Orchestra. (AKA Kaosphere Orchestra)
perform The Alchemical Pilgrimage III (1991 - 2011) a new film by Snakebeings
conductors by the Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb (Filamental Orchestra USA).

Experimental semi-improv scratch orchestra, exploring the power of bingo through numbers and their random associations, perform the foley and musical soundtrack to a collection of films by Emit Snake-Beings.

The improvisations of the Bingodisiac Orchestra (BO) are structured using a system of light-bulbs, numbers and symbols to make changes in the sound. BO/KO musicians await their number to spontaneously improvise with the screen image and the other unknown musicians who also have the same number. Performers bring the image off the screen and deliver it to the audience and several Skype connections transfer live sound from distant countries (Catalonia, Australia, UK, Mexico and India).

The Alchemical Pilgrimage III is an in-process film by Snakebeings. A multi-channelled cross-cut of work 1991-2011 including gritty hand developed super 8mm and Digital HD recorded over a period of 20 years in 6 countries.

A curious blend of music, performance art and film; over thirty musicians will take part in a large scale improvisation performing the soundscape to a monster mash-up film showcase by long-standing, multi-talented New Zealand artist Emit Snake-Beings.

The Bingodisiac Orchestra will tour later this year, possibly to Wellington and Christchurch though Auckland will receive the premiere performance.

18th and 19th June 2011

The Audio Foundation Hub
4 Poynton Tce (Off Pitt St.)

Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start
Tickets on the door: $10 or two for $15

Popcorn available