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Oscill-Ether @ AudioFoundation
06 Nov 2011

Oscill_Ether is a solo musician from Brisbane, Australia. Primarily, works are focused on freeform sonic exploration, utilizing electric guitar, effect pedals, analogue modular synthesis, field recording and reel to reel recording, drawing inspiration from melody, emotion and location, allowing each musical piece the freedom to evolve at it’s own pace. More recently, live performances have focused more on audio frequencies, exploring the more physical nature of sound and how it affects the listener. More information can be found at

Mr Ether will be supported by the Western Devils:

Bonehead - alto sax.

Darridge - dbl bass

John Bell - vibes

Paul Buckton - gtr, violin



Sunday 13 November


4 Poynton St

Off Pitt St, behind St Kevin's Arcade