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Vitamin S Festival 2015
27 Mar 2015

Friday 27 March 7pm at The Audio Foundation

Neil Feather (Baltimore) / Phil Dadson
Duo of invented instrument geniuses!


Viv Corringham (UK/USA)
Amazing vocal artist -

Julia Milsom (Chch)/ Hermione Johnson / Dan Beban (Wlgtn)- high energy dance with prepared piano/guitar duo

Peter Kolovos (USA)
Guitar maverick from Los Angeles


Saturday 28 March 2pm at The Audio Foundation

Neil Feather/ Derek Tearne 
Inventor of the Nondo meets the inventor of the Rattamataa

Kevin Kim / Liam Bowen / Louis Andrew Newton
Recorders, flutes, violas and clarinets!

Liam Kiely / Pat Kraus
Two 6 string sonic travellers


Saturday 28 March 8pm at The Audio Foundation

Darren Hannah / Jim Langabeer / Reuben Derrick / Darryn Harkness 
Two horns lock togethr with stalwart bass and warts n all drums

Two To Tutu Too
Neil Feather (Baltimore) / Rosie Langabeer
Extraordinary invented instruments and electronics duo from the USA

VivCorringham / Drew McMillan / Motoko Kikkawa (Dunedin)
Wondrous vocals, computer mudpluckery and sublime violin

Dan Beban /Clare Cooper (Sydney)Brilliant guitarist with fabulous extended Guzheng!


Ivan Mrsic / Phill Dryson / Peter Kolovos 

Power Trio - Two amazing guitarists with percussionist/instrument builder from Serbia

Reuben Jellyman / Immi Paterson Harkness / Paul Smith / Colin Woods 
Regular Vit S characters - who knows what will happen!

Visuals by Kim Newall

Sunday 29 March 10am-1pm at The Old Folks Assoc. Hall, Gundry Street

Julia Diana Milsom from Christchurch hosts a workshop for dancers interested in exploring improvisation with live music. Workshop runs from 10am til 1pm 
$10 for participants includes entry to Sunday night show at Old Folks Ass.

register interest with vitamin s:

Julia Milsom - Artist Statement for the Workshop:

"An important part of my artistic practice has been improvisation (or real time composition) in a performance context. I've developed a very keen interest in the integration of movement and dance. How can musicians emphasise and play with their physical presence both spatially and in terms of their movement? How can dancers take control of their potential sound making capacities? This workshop will utilise various tasks and methods designed to investigate these relationships and questions in an improvisational performance context."


Sunday 29 March 7pm at The Old Folks Assoc. Hall, Gundry Street

Vitamin S as part of 4 days and nights of instantmusicaction presents:


Deeply clever experiments in music and dance improvisation. Performers from all over including Norway, Baltimore, Buenos Aires, the UK, and the South and North ends of Aotearoa


Matthew Smith – New Zealand / Europe in general – Extensive international performer, teacher, and collaborator with Hooman Sharifi (Norway), Willi Dorner (Austria)

Julia Milsom – Christchurch - Scholarship recipient, multiple Fringe awards winner, choreographer, frequent collaborator with international artists

Georgie Goater – Auckland – Founding member of Backlit, collaborator & dancer with Shameless Crowd Pleaser, Touch Compass and innumerable performance projects

Emilia Rubio – Argentina / New Zealand – Award winning dancer, Touch Compass, Jeremy Nelson, Shameless Crowd Pleaser and diverse international works

Kristian Larsen – New Zealand – choreographer, improviser, performed,choreographed and taught profusely in NZ and overseas. Magpie Dance Music (Netherlands), Min Tanaka (Japan), Hans Van Den Broeck (Belgium)

Sound: (more artist details to follow)

Rosie Langabeer (USA/NZ)
Neil Feather (Baltimore)
Viv Corringham (UK/USA)
Motoko Kikkawa 
Clare Cooper 
Reuben Derrick (Christchurch)
Aaron Longville (Auckland)
Paul Buckton (North Shore)
Chris O'Connore
Reuben Jellyman


Monday 30 March 7pm at The Wine Cellar, St Kevins Arcade, K rd

Vitamin S presents 4 days and nights of instantmusicaction! Performers from around the globe and throughout Aotearoa come together for unique experiments in music and dance improvisation.

Matt Brennan / Inda Yansané / Gerhard Lottermoser
Vocals galore!

Clare Cooper / Jeff Henderson / Drew McMillan / Rosie Langabeer
New works for the Vitamin S Orchestra

Malcolm Dunn / Nigel Gavin / Rohan Evans
Guitars Galore!