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The regular trios are drawn randomly from members of the Vitamin S pool. If you want to participate in Vitamin S you need to join the pool by completing the form below.

Once you have joined the pool your name will be put in the 'hat' and you may be selected as a member of a random trio. The pool is now quite large, so you might not be selected in every draw. Do not despair, substitutes are regularly required for drawn players who are unavailable on a given night. As a pool member you will also receive e-mails requesting subs. Subs are selected on a first come first served basis.

You may also receive occasional e-mails about other Vitamin S related trivia. Your e-mail will not be willingly given or sold to any third parties.
Online Performace Capability Are you able/willing to take part in online virtual Vitamin S pool nights and events?
Robot challenge We have recently been inundated by an excessive number of robots signing up to the pool, presumably to prove they are not robots, or that robots are capable of free improvisation. Annoyingly they never turn up to perform. So we would like you to answer this simple question.
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Become a friend of Vitamin-S

If you want to keep up with what is happening on the Auckland improvising scene, but are unable or unwilling or not yet ready to become a pool member, you can sign up as a 'Friend of Vitamin S' using the form below

This will put you on the mailing list for all announcements, but you won't be in the 'pool'.
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